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OverWatch F/C is Northern California's premier Fitness Equipment, Apparel and Supplements Testing Center, as well as being the "Best" Strength/Endurance program in the Bay Area!.


Home to CrossFit OverWatch, Rock Steady Boxing EastBay, DG Boxing/Muay Thai and MABA Lab Team Training.


We test, smash, trash, bang, report and help market new start up companies products, as well as provide continuing education for Industry giants such: Rogue Fitness, Keiser, GFY Gear, TRX, KnoxxFit, Climb Society, Again Faster, Century MMA, RPM, Concept2, Percussion Fitness, QuickBoard, RaptR Fitness, MHP, Europa Sports Nutrition, and our own brand, CFOW apparel.


We also test new and inventive equipment designed for helping those battling Parkinson's disease. Our work is instrumental in "Fighting Back" against this terrible disease.

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