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OverWatch: "To support by fire another element which is moving." A force protection tactic.

You'll be moving and we, the Coaches, take a vantage position to observe you. We will be supporting you the whole way. Our Coaches, staff and community will light the fire within you!


The CrossFit OverWatch Community is comprised of Friends of Friends, Moms, Dads, Grammys and Papa's, Fire Fighters, Peace Officers, all types of Military and Veteran personnel, SEALs, Special Forces and First Responders. All of which are truly wonderful people to be around and train with. We have FUN!

The Facility is AMAZING! Big and Clean!  The outside training area is unlike any other gym around, backing right up to a beautiful park with miles of running trails. This is the best Strength/Endurance program in the entire Bay Area, designed by CrossFit, NASM, UFC, USAW and API Nationally Credentialed and Certified Coaches. Every single one of our Coaches here at CFOW are homegrown. They started as members and heard a voice inside them to want to help others.  They believe in our mission and our program here at CFOW and have the pulse of the members and community! 

Our Program sets us apart from other Gyms, as we are a goal oriented program, meaning you have an option to do either the Strength program or the Endurance program in each class. These are specially designed programs to work the same muscle groups, just in different ways. This allows you to bounce back and forth within the same program to suit your needs and you own personal goals.

You won't find a more well rounded and complete Fitness, Mobility and Nutrition training program anywhere. All WOD's are scalable to your ability and the Coaches are hands on, making you feel comfortable like you are receiving personal 1on1 training!

CrossFit OverWatch is honored to be the home of Rock Steady Boxing EastBay! Fighting back against Parkinson's disease.

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