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Rock Steady Boxing – EAST BAY


The Rock Steady Boxing method is a specialized training program, developed over the past 10 years, originating out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Founded in 2006 by Scott C. Newman, former Marion County (IN) prosecutor who was diagnosed at the age of 39 with young onset Parkinson’s.  He discovered training like a boxer lessened his Parkinson’s symptoms.  After only 6 weeks of intense training he found his handwriting improved and amongst other things, his balance, agility and focus saw improvement too!  Today, Rock Steady Boxing and the Rock Steady Method can be found helping those with Parkinson’s worldwide! 



  • Medical studies on exercise and Parkinson’s have concluded forced intense exercise can SLOW the progression of Parkinson’s. 

  • Boxers undergo a diverse training regimen to achieve optimal body control that it takes to be a good fighter.

  • Boxer’s form of training improves: balance, hand-eye coordination, speed of movement, agility, muscle POWER, mental focus, and rhythm (all the same issues found in people with Parkinson’s).


Benefits of the Rock Steady Boxing Method include learning new skills that are fun and good stress relievers while addressing the many symptoms of Parkinson’s, make friends in a like environment (everyone is in the same boat), and when your kids and grandchildren ask you what you’re doing, it’s way more fun to tell them “I’m going to BOXING CLASS” (doesn’t that sound way cooler than saying physical therapy?) 


At Rock Steady Boxing – EAST BAY, “fighters” can expect to participate in a 90 minute class that includes stretching, warm up, followed by a 45 minute Workout that will include cardio, strength, agility/balance, coordination, rhythm (do those all sound familiar?) and, of course, BOXING!!!  Modified for every “boxer” at every Boxing Level! Finally, we will end with Core work, a Cool down, and the renowned ROCK STEADY celebration! 



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