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Ursus Fight Club

Ursus is a California-based martial arts club dedicated to preparing its members to successfully compete at an international level in medieval style combat.  Our focus is on full-contact, rebated steel weapon competition, with points-based single contests and last man standing group combat. For more info come visit us at

We are a fight club that trains fighters to compete it the Armored Combat League,
providing opportunities to train for both individual and group combat.

We advise members on the acquisition and optimization of safe, effective and historically accurate armor and weaponry.

We Organize opportunities to compete individually and as a group throughout California

As a group, attending competitions throughout the United States, Europe and Canada.

We pride ourselves on supporting other clubs through friendly competition and the exchange of ideas about techniques, training, armor, weaponry and other resources.

Our Home is CrossFit OverWatch in Concord, CA





Support (Marshalls, armorers/weapons smiths, trainers, medics, photographers/videographers, web development, administration and general support)




When representing the club, behave honorably and chivalrously, to bring credit to the team

Physical conditioning with an emphasis on high intensity interval training to prepare for the rigor of combat

Acquisition and maintenance of a safe and historically accurate harness

Make an effort to participate in opportunities for training, practices and competition

Make an effort to support other members


Nothing's more savage than a cornered bear.

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All Videos

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